At the Antoine-Aimé Dorion Gallery
From March 17 to September 11, 2022


''Terre Promise''

This exhibition, Terre promise, presents a reflection on the evolution of our shores and our waterways. The Ottawa River, Lake Saint-François and the Saint-Lawrence River are highlighted in this exhibition. They participate in my reflection on navigation, discovery, bargaining and trade. Our forests and the transport of wood with the raftsmen on the Ottawa River and the rafters on the St. Lawrence River have generated the economic development of our country. Our waterways too, so fragile, have suffered and still suffer from our overuse and neglect (spills and waste). This water, so strong, sometimes strained, which feeds our flour and molasses mills and which generates our electricity. Its precious resource has allowed our villages, now cities, to emerge. It is a resource, without compromise, to be preserved.

Natacha Marleau

A multidisciplinary artist, Natacha originally practiced theatre, dabbled in writing and collaborated with storytellers before expressing herself with her lens. Born in Soulanges, she has been walking, rolling and treading the landscapes here since she was very young. Nature lover, sensitive to her environment and the stories of her region, she wishes through photographs to make us meet them. 

In the winter of 2020, Natacha is invited by the Laval organization RAPPEL Parole-Création to participate in the contest ''Là où les arbres veillent sur l'eau'' . She was elected finalist by the members of the jury thanks to the photo ''Un village sur l'eau'' exhibited at the CI EAU (water interpretation center in Laval).

That same year, she participated in the citizens' project ''Banners of the Soulanges Canal bike path'' under the direction of the commissioner, Caroline Hayeur.

At the same time, she is doing a specialization in cultural mediation at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent.

In the spring of 2021, her digital photograph ' Éclosion ' was selected for the traveling exhibition '' Contamination culturelle 2021 '' by the Conseil des Arts de Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

His Facebook page 'Dans ma lentille'  broadcasts pictures taken on the Vaudreuil-Soulangeois territory. 

In the fall of 2021, she brings together her photographs in a first solo exhibition, 'Sous l'angle de ma lentille'  at the Gaby-Farmer-Denis Library. This exhibition reveals the beauty of wide open spaces and the landscaped heritage of Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

In the winter of 2021, she offers a series of photographs on the subject of shorelines as part of TRACE 2021-2022.  

At the Rainville Salon

Carton invitation - Louise Bernardin - Monique Chery.png


Louise Bernardin


During my life, I touched different artistic disciplines including pottery, decorative painting on wood and recently, I discovered the Alcohol inks .

Some works are also produced with mixed media and sometimes incorporating textures.

Self-taught, I make my own experiences with this medium, which can sometimes present a real challenge to tame.

My great source of inspiration comes from the beauties that nature offers us on a daily basis. It's about being careful!

Monique Chéry


Self-taught, I create according to the inspiration of the moment, without previously established rules, giving free rein to my imagination.

Combining geometry and colors without a precise idea, my works evolve as I add shapes and colors using different mediums, markers, acrylic paint, pastel...

Two other mediums also give me all the latitude I want to express myself, these are alcohol or water-based inks. I like to see them slide, mix and finally give a work that has meaning for me.

completely abstract, even if I give them a title, my works leave room for everyone's imagination to make their own interpretation.