The Maison Trestler Foundation

Its mission

The Foundation’s mission is to ensure the longevity of this magnificent ancestral house, (former home and general store) which is in fact one of the most splendid in Québec, and to promote its mission as a stage where art and culture are showcased in our region.

Its goals and objectives


To develop programs and guided tours that promote the history and architecture of this outstanding monument that is recognized at the provincial (1976) and federal (1969) levels and named by the public as one of the Seven Wonders of Vaudreuil-Soulanges (2008) with respect to heritage value. Since early 2005, we have been offering visitors an interpretation concept that illustrates the importance of the Trestler family and tells the story of their exceptional home and its evolution after two centuries in existence by situating visitors in time and space and by introducing different characters who lived in and visited the home.

To always strive above and beyond and to offer music lovers a top quality classical and contemporary music program that enjoys an enviable national and international reputation. 

We must not forget to mention the promotion of masterpieces by major artists in the field of visual arts, which serve as a complement to music… These are exhibited in the Antoine-Aimé-Dorion Gallery and in the Rainville Room.

Brief history

Built at the end of the 18th century, over the years the preservation of La Maison Trestler has been made possible by the creation, in 1977, of the Fondation de la Maison Trestler, which oversees its conservation by organizing cultural activities including: summer music concerts, benefit concerts, art exhibitions, guided tours and several other cultural activities, not to mention the rental of its facilities, all of which contribute to the survival of this heritage gem.


La Fondation de la Maison Trestler is a private, non-profit foundation managed by a board of directors comprising 10 members. It is currently staffed by three permanent employees: a general manager and event coordinator Louise LeBlond Vallée, Sonia Lapointe; an accounting assistant and Maryse Vernier responsible to the welcome. Another individual occasionally takes care of maintenance and setting up exhibitions.

La Maison Trestler has created a well-structured volunteer association. (Close to 30 active and dedicated volonteers).

Every year we open our doors to music lovers, visual art enthusiasts, as well as history and architecture buffs.