CONCERT (year-round)

La Maison Trestler is renowned for the quality of its musical events.

It boasts traditional Valentine’s Day and Christmas dinner-concerts, a benefit concert in June, and other occasional concerts in spring and fall…


In order to ensure its outreach, La Maison Trestler created a festival that never ceases to increase in terms of popularity.

Its program is highly anticipated by music lovers, and the venue’s stage is graced by the talents of up-and-coming performers as well as internationally-renowned musicians.


For an unforgettable reception, lease our 1798 house!

Planning a wedding, baptism or business meeting? Renting La Maison Trestler will provide you with an exclusive venue for your event.


Treat your personnel, colleagues and friends to a sophisticated and refined venue.

Located on an enchanted site, La Maison Trestler offers you the opportunity to rent its spaces for your conferences, seminars, luncheons, launches, symposia and study days.


L'interprétation historique de la Maison Trestler se déroule sur un parcours de 16 stations, réparties au rez-de-chaussée et à l'étage.

Elle raconte différents moments de la vie des Trestler, de leurs descendants et de ceux qui leur ont succédé.


The guided tour of La Maison Trestler unfolds over a course made up of 16 rooms on the first floor and upstairs.

It recounts the story of the milestones in the life of the Trestler family, of their descendants, and of those who came later.


Artistes et créateurs

La Maison Trestler invite les artistes en art visuel à déposer un dossier pour ses futures expositions dans ses trois galeries, pour les années à venir…


Artists and creators

La Maison Trestler invites visual artists to submit a portfolio for the future exhibitions that will be held at the three galleries in the years to come…

La Maison Trestler

Summer Festival

33 years, simply MUSIC…

A summer air to lull you, eight marvelous Wednesdays in this ce lieu bucolic and unique place, situated on theshores of the Outaouais river…


You will be bewitched by the charm and personality of the artists of this 33nd edition, which certainly sensitively will communicate to you their passion, their movements and their virtuality.

Music to the ears, diversity and remarkable performances remarquables, so this season is a reflection of stability, harmony and great emotions…

Under the charm and dizzying skill of seasoned musicians, dear music lovers, welcome to the universe of tones and sound variants, synched with the flickering glow of the mysterious lights of the Rainville sitting room.


Tickets :   Prices and programming to come

Members :

. Adult                                

. 21 years and less           

. The 8 concerts              


Non-members :

. Adult                              

. 21 years and less          

. The 8 concerts             


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Nos partenaires
Nos partenaires